DMC12 debut album will have you going 88 mph!  a Blog Review by Muxe

DMC12 debut album will have you going 88 mph! 

Synth-pop fans rejoice! DMC12, (12 degrees of Digital Music Conservation) are huge fans of the iconic DeLorean motor car of the 1980s. DMC12 is also a throwback to legendary pioneers of the genre such as Thomas Dolby, Depeche Mode, and New Order. 

Produced by former Boston musician Brad Eisenhaure (known as DJ Deluxo), the proud owner of an actual DeLorean. The DMC12 debut album wouldn't be possible without bandmates John Kudlacek (Johnny K, a Nebraska transplant who resides in Okinawa)

The first two tracks on this limited edition CD, which retails for just $10, and includes a way cool DMC12 patch, are absolutely remarkable. 

This isn't a cover band, either. All of the tracks on this CD are original material created by DMC12. You don't even need to own a DeLorean to appreciate the incredible sound DMC12 creates. 

I drive a Kia Forte SX, but after I popped the CD into my car's stereo system, I was transported back in time (please excuse the Huey Lewis and the News pun here). Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy won't be able to resist jumping up and down screaming 88 mph, just as Christopher Lloyd's character, Dr. Emmett Brown does in the 1985 film. 

DMC12 debut album also conjures up plenty of memories from Thomas Dolby's Flat Earth album, which remains a classic 35 years later after its original release. 

So, c'mon! Save the clock bell tower and help Marty McFly get Back to the Future by purchasing your very own copy of the DMC12 debut CD. It's your density, I mean destiny. 

- David Exum (Muxe)

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