Vote for our Delorean’s best wheels

Do DMC12 a favor and  VOTE for our car it is  in the best wheels catagory? 

Search through the cars and find my delorean then tap on the heart ❤️ 

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Do you know what a Super Sleepy Panda is?

Super Sleepy Pandas - Awaken is Johnny’s new EP. Check out his new video and web site.

If you like DMC12 you are going to love SSP.

Visit the SSP website to download the EP and get yourself some amazing…

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Happy 50th Birthday to Roland.

Check out the Synth Studio that Roland has posted for free. It is pretty fun. Send us your track and we might use it for a future release!


Found an old tour jacket and shirt from an MTV Spring Break back gig back in the 80’s. We will be selling this merch and more soon @




Sweetwater on-line 808 drum simulator

Sweetwater has a simple 808 simulator. I snagged from the Sweetwater website just the 808 part of the page.

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The Man Behind the Machine 

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the TR-808 and #808Day, Tadao Kikumoto graciously offered his time for an exclusive conversation. As a leader of Roland Research and Development in the ‘80s, Kikumoto-san has had a hand—and ear—in designing genre-defining…

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