Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking us, you are entering into a binding contract for the supply of live music, and other agreed services, by  ‘DMC12’ on a particular date and time for an agreed fee. These terms and conditions are intended to be reasonable and appropriate for a booking. You agree that the following terms and conditions shall govern that contract, that these shall take precedence over any other terms and conditions and, English Law shall govern their interpretation. The terms and conditions outlined below apply to all engagements.


The words “you” or “your” mean or refer to the person(s) booking and the venue’s management and staff.

The word “venue” means the place at which the performance occurs and maybe a building, tent, hall, or other construction used for the purpose of the performance.

The word “client” or “guests” means or refers to members of the public at the venue whether present through admission (i.e., by ticket or fee) or not and any other performing artists booked by the venue.

The words “DMC12”, “band”, “we”, “our”, “ourselves” and “us” mean or refer to members of the band ‘DMC12’ and any road, lighting, or sound crew with the band.

The words “our equipment” mean all electrical and mechanical devices, cases, musical instruments, cables, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, lighting, stands, and accessories owned or hired by us and used in the live performance.

The words “the event” mean the whole of our time at the venue, including arrival, set up, performance, breaks and breaking down, and packing equipment away.


For private events, we require a proportion of the agreed fee in advance, currently 20-30% depending on the overall value of the event. Your booking deposit is non-refundable but once paid will secure the performance date & times as discussed and agreed.


We require at least 45 to 60 minutes to set up prior to the performance and at least 45 minutes to pack down after the performance.

You agree to inform us of any special access required to the venue so we can allow us a longer set up/break down period for our equipment. Discovery of access complications, such as non-ground level located performance areas or restricted access times, following the confirmation of your booking may result in additional fees being charged.

No green M&M's in the Green Room ;-)


In the case of the event running late, the booked finish time for ‘DMC12’ is still the time of completion. ie ‘Duo Band’ is booked to play at 8 pm till 11 pm. Speeches go on till 9 pm, ‘DMC12 commences at 9.10 pm completion time is still 11 pm.


Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the performance shall normally consist of 2 sets of 80 minutes duration separated by a break of 20 minutes.

Where you require additional performance time not previously agreed, this shall be at our sole discretion and shall be chargeable at a rate to be agreed at the time.


Once you have agreed & given the confirmation you’d like to go ahead with the booking, a non-refundable deposit is then due for payment. Once paid this will secure your booking. We will immediately allocate the date to you and begin turning down any subsequent offers of work.


If you book us and subsequently cancel, you owe us the agreed fee or part thereof as shown below (optionally waived at our sole discretion) and in addition to any previously paid deposits:

  • Where cancellation is made by  VERBAL, ELECTRONIC OR WRITTEN confirmation but 90 days or more from the event 50% of the booking fee is applicable. However, should the event be over 12 months away, cancellation shall only incur the loss of the booking deposit and no additional fees will be due as 12 months is deemed a suitable amount of time to find an alternate booking.
  • Where cancellation occurs within 12months or over before the event day, cancellation shall only incur the loss of the booking deposit and no additional fees will be due as 12 months is deemed a suitable amount of time to find an alternate booking.
  • Where cancellation occurs within 7-12months of the event 50% of the booking fee will be applicable.
  • Where cancellation occurs within 3-6months of the event 75% of the booking fee will be applicable.
  • Where cancellation occurs within 2 months of the event, 100% of the booking fee will be applicable.

If you require us to stop playing because you decide it is not what you, the venue or any other party want, full payment is required.

You agree to request any cancellation in writing to info@duoband.co.nz and that only we can confirm the cancellation of your booking. We will provide this in writing via email.


We reserve the right to cancel for any reason though normally that will only occur because of circumstances beyond our control (e.g., illness, incapacity, breakdown of equipment or transportation or, extreme weather conditions). You agree that, if we cancel, we will not be liable for any cancellation fees or your losses. If this occurs, we will give you as much notice as possible and will try to help you with booking an alternative band if you wish.


In the unlikely event that the performance is delayed, curtailed or stopped due to events beyond our control, including but not limited to, equipment failure, power failure, noise/sound limiters, time restrictions, venue’s staff absence, smoke detector activation, closure of the venue by police, fire brigade or other public authority or, licensing/certification problems, you agree to pay the fee in full.


You agree that you will fully indemnify us for damage, loss, or confiscation of our equipment or instruments on your premises resulting from any act or omission on your part or, failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

All booking inquiries made via our website are subject to these terms and conditions, by making the inquiry you agree to them. Clients enquiring by any other method than this website will be advised via email. Requesting a quote from ‘DMC12’ requires your acceptance of these terms and conditions unless you state otherwise at the time of the inquiry. Any discussions or negotiation of these terms and conditions will only be accepted when made in writing to DMC12synth@gmail.com